Wagner 503008 HT Review


The Wagner 503008 HT is a general purpose heatgun with two temperature settings, hot and hotter. It has multiple uses from defrosting freezers to molding plastics, removing adhesive floor tiles and loosening rusted bolts.  This 1,200-watt heat gun has an output of 4,100 BTU.

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The Wagner 503008 HT is a popular general purpose heat gun available for around $20 from most online stores. Amazon are offering free shipping on this product at the moment.

Good for removing old paint, shrink wrapping or even fixing you xbox 360 gaming console. Useful for home and professional use whether you are repairing furniture or stripping paint.

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  • max. 1000 degrees F
  • Cheap


  • temperature range may be too high for some
  • No rubberized grip

The main feature of this heat gun compared to many others on the market is it’s high heat range. While many others struggle to reach temperatures of 900 degrees this unit can reach around 1000 degrees. This model is popular with electronics enthusiasts as well, not only for using on heat shrink tubing but also to regenerate the soldering on damaged circuit boards.

There are two heat ranges to choose from. The first steps up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit whilst the higher range tops out at around 100 degees F. There is a securing clip on the top of the unit to hang the unit whilst it cools.

It is also a relatively low noise unit and comes in a bright yellow casing so you won’t misplace it.

The Wagner 503008 HT heat gun is suited to those that may require a higher range of temperatures than those on most models but at a cheap price.

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