SKIL 3510-02 Review


The SKIL 3510-02 is a handheld wet tile saw that is competitively priced and powerful enough to cut through most tiles easily. This is a  4-3/8″ saw that is capable of making 1 1/2 inch deep cuts. If you want to use it on thicker materials then you will need to flip the tile over and make a second cut. If you’re thinking or hiring a tile saw for an upcoming job then we recommend you have a look at the SKIL 3510-02 first as you may be able to save yourself a bit of money and pick up a decent saw in the process. As with most power tools, if you plan on doing a big job then it’s advisable to have a spare blade handy.

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You can pick this tile saw up in stores already. New, it retails around $75 but if you want to save a little extra you may be able to pick up a used one from online stores like

Great for weekend jobs such as tiling your kitchen or bathroom. Easily cuts through concrete paving and granite.

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  • Plenty of power
  • Value for Money


  • No blade guard
  • Blade wears quickly

Running a powerful 11 Amp motor this tile saw has enough power for most jobs. Although the unit may heat up a little bit on longer cuts it doesn’t get past warm. When it comes to maintenance the motor brushes are easily accessible. There is an adjustable rip fence for accurate cuts and bevel adjustment for angled cuts. The blade depth is also adjustable. The only gripe is that there is no blade guard included.

The included 12 foot water hose is long enough for most jobs although some users did comment that they thought it wasn’t durable enough as it kinks easily. A shut-off valve is also included for the water hose.

Skil have come up a winner with the 3510-02 wet tile saw. As handheld units go it is well made and powerful enough to cut through most materials from porcelain to granite. Priced under $100 it easily pays for itself quickly when compared to renting one.

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