Ryobi P241 Review


Sometimes your regular drills, no matter how compact, just won’t fit in the space you need to work on. This is where something like the Ryobi P241 comes into play. With it’s innovative right angle drill head it reaches places other drill drivers cannot.

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New to the market this right angle drill from Ryobi is available in stores nationwide for around $90 for the body only.

Most home users aren’t likely to use a drill like this but if you are a plumber, electrician or construction worker then the Ryobi P241 may be a welcome addition to your tool kit. This is not a heavy duty drill but it’s compact size is it’s main advantage.

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  • Right Angle Drill Head
  • Uses One+ Battery


  • Body Only

Just look at this drill for a second and you’ll know what its main advantage is over regular drill. This model has a unique right angled head for working in difficult situations. Incorporating a single sleeve chuck you can change a drill or screw bit single handed.

You can change the drill direction with a one handed operation while a neat little bit holder called the MagTray™ ensures that your accessories are kept close at hand. Compatibility with the standard One+ battery means that you don’t end up with a bunch of different battery models and chargers.

The LED light works well and is almost compulsory for a drill that is likely to spend most of its time working in dark corners.

For the times that you find yourself working in a tight space that no drill will fit. If you want to save yourself hours of frustration then the Ryobi P241 can help you out.

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