Makita 6844 Review


The Makita 6844 is an autofeed screwdriver that makes light work of repetitive jobs. Being a corded model it has the advantage of being able to operate all day with stopping for battery changes which some operators may find a plus. This unit is an upgrade to the 6834 model.

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This product is reasonable priced at around $250 and is available for purchase through several online stores including Makita is a trusted and reliable name in the world of power tools.

If you’re a professional that performs a lot of dry-walling, decking or fencing jobs then you’re in good hands with the Makita 6844. This automatic feeding screwdriver has the power to complete these types of job easily and quickly.

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  • High Torque & Light-Weight
  • Drives screws up to 2-15/16″ long


  • It’s Corded
  • Takes a few goes to get the adjustment right

This corded autofeeding screwdriver can drive screws from 1-3/4″ – 2-15/16″. The screw depth is easily set without the use of additional tools using the adjustable stopper. Fine tuning the screw depth can be done through the dial on the drive assembly. This unit has both forward and reverse motion. Incorporating a silent clutch that offers smooth engagement of the screw bit extending the operational life of the unit whilst keeping noise levels low. The direct drive allows equal torque to be applied whether in forward or reverse motion.

The rigid aluminum casing is rugged and designed to prevent dust and debris from jamming the drive mechanism and shortening the lifespan of the unit. The screw guide keeps the screws in the optimum position during insertion and ensures that they don’t enter the worksurface skew. The ergonomically designed ‘D’ handle is comfortable to use for extended periods and includes a lock-on button allows continuous operation without continually pressing the trigger. There is easy access the carbon brushes through the handle for inspection or replacement.

The integrated belt hook is a useful addition and the unit is light enough at 4.6 pounds to hang from your trousers or utility belt when needed.

If you want a reliable autofeed screwdriver that you can use all day long without having to worry about charging batteries then the Makita 6844 is a good choice.

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