Husqvarna DS800 Review


The Husqvarna DS800 is a diamond core drill rig featuring a rigid anchor base unit. This is a quality drill for those times when you need to drill large diameter cores from tough materials such as concrete and block work.

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This is an expensive piece of kit with a price of just under $3000 it’s not for the home user. There aren’t many stockists online but you may get a discount over at and free shipping.

The Husqvarna DS800 is built for those professionals that need to drill out large diameter cores from concrete, brick, block and asphalt with precision.

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  • Drill holes up to 16″
  • Stable rigid stand


  • Expensive

The drill features a 20 Amp Milwaukee 4096 Motor with a 450 rpm or 900 rpm operating speed. This unit comes with a 1″ to 14″ bit capacity as standard but can drill holes up to 16″ when an extra spacer is used.

The drill rig uses a robust 2-7/8″ square column to reduce flexing and ensure a more accurate cut. It is 42 inches long to allow for longer bits. The base features reinforcing to aid rigidity as well. The aid servicing the adjustable brass shims inside the carriage are replaceable. They help to ensure a smooth travel and precise head alignment.

The whole unit, drill plus the standard rig, weighs in at a hefty 60 lbs.

Husqvarna makes quality power tools and the DS800 is a nice core drill. This model comes with the anchored rig but you can also buy it with the combo base and vacuum assembly.

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