Festool 574342 Review


The Festool 574342 OF1400 EQ router is a mid range model that combines a wealth of features in top quality German craftsmanship. This is not a cheap router but it is certainly one of the best in its class with a smooth plunge system, excellent dust removal and quiet operation making it a very versatile power tool.

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The OF1400 EQ router can be purchased online for around $500. It’s not cheap and the several stores that we checked all had it at the same price. That said Amazon.com did include free shipping and excellent service.

This is a tool for the serious hobbyist or pro woodworker. It is Festools mid range router. Lighter and easier to manage than the top of the range OF 2200 but with more power and a larger collet size than the low end OF 1010.

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  • Top Quality
  • High Power & Low Weight


  • Expensive
  • Some may find pistol grip awkward

As the name implies this model incorporates a 1400 watt motor. Bit wise the router accepts 1/2 inch diameter shanks, the same as the high end model. With a high power to weight ratio the Festool 574342 combines maneuverability with raw power to make jobs easy and accurate. The plunge movement is very smooth and easy to control. Our only gripe would be that the markings are measured using the metric system as Festool are a German manufacturer. This may not make a lot of difference to most people as positioning is normally done by eye. Routing depth can be set to a max. of 70 mm and can be locked using the left side grip.

The speed control trigger is easy to reach and features a lock button much the same as any standard drill. Soft start is a nice features that ensures you keep control of the router. If you are someone that prefers a top mounted handle then this design may not be to your liking but it is comfortable and has been designed with ergonomics in mind so as to reduce wrist strain. It should be noted that this router is considerably quieter than most models on the market. The OF1400 EQ router is almost tool-less.With the exception of the collet all the remaining features on this router have been designed so that no tools are required, apart from your hands that is. A ratchet system allows for easy and quick bit changes without having to remove the wrench from the nut.

The power cord detaches easily, making storage easier while extending the life of the cord itself. Cords are interchangeable between all Festool products. Dust extraction guards snap into place quickly and help make this one of the cleanest tools to use. The included dust shield bit guard can be used under the cutting surface to ensure an almost dust free job even when working on MDF.

It’s obvious that Festool put a lot of thought into their tools and the Festool 574342 OF1400 EQ router is no exception. The three best things about this router are it’s smooth plunge motion, quiet operation and excellent dust removal system. A worthy contender if you are looking to upgrade your router any time soon.

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